Snowwhite & the 2 Dwarfs

Snowwhite and the 2 dwarfs


A funny fast paced version of the classical fairy tale with lots of crazy humour, gags and songs.

Opened 9th April 2012 at Louise Schouw Theatre and have played more than 100 times in Denmark.

3 actors (1F/2M) – 12 roles.

From 4 years + family.

50 minutes.


The young princess Snowwhite escapes her deadly jealous Stepmother and hides in the Black Forrest with the two dwarfs, Pick and Spade.

When the stepmother finds out her stepdaughter is still alive, she tricks Snowwhite into eating a poisoned apple.

But ultimately love conquers death and the Stepmother falls victim to her own evil scheming.


I am Snowwhite. I am sorry. I am really clumsy, I didn't mean to ruin your house. I have escaped my Stepmother. She wanted to cut my throat and kill me and cut out my heart. She is very evil!


I should have killed her immediately, but I hesitated! I am not waiting any more. My hand is steady. Snowwhite is going to die! Now!


I will be quiet. Completely silent. Zip zip zip. The end. Not a sound. Listen! Now it is totally soundless. Not a word escapes my lips. Zip zip! Silent as the grave! Mute as a fish! The rest is... zip.


'Allo 'allo! I ham 'Enry!  Prince de Pari' I want tö spiik wit ze most bütifül wöman in ze world! Snowwhite!


Of course I am speaking the truth. I am the magical mirror and I  always speaks the truth! If I did not speak the truth I wouldn't be the mirror that always speaks the truth. Then I would be the mirror that always speaks falsely, but that is quite another story...


I was sent to kill you. Cut your throat, rip out your heart and bring it back to your Stepmother. But I can't! I have known you since you were a toddler. Hurry! Hide in the dark woods and never come back. But I warn you: the forests are full of wild and dangerous animals!

These pictures are from the 2012 production of Snowwhite & the 2 dwarfs at Louise Schouw Theater.

The actors are: Anja Owe: Snowwhite & Igor, Pierre Miehe-Renard: The Prince, The Hunter, Pick, and Crow 1; and Tom Jacobsen: Stepmother, Spade, Willy, Crowe 2.

Direction: Thomas Howalt; Set design & costumes: Kirsten Victoria Lind; Music: Lars Fjeldmose.

Pictures by Mike Reuter.

The pictures above are from the 2014 production of Snowwhite & the 2 dwarfs at Theater Rudolstadt.

Regie: Stefan Wolfram

Musik: Thomas Voigt

Ausstattung: Sabine Pommerening

Dramaturgie: Ulrike Lenz


Schneewittchen: Lisa Klabunde

Stiefmutter, alte Frau: Romy Marienfeld, Sibylla Rasmussen

Igor, Hacke, 2. Krähe: David Engelmann

Prinz, Spiegel, Jäger, Schippe, 1. Krähe, Willi: Günther Sturmlechner


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The play was staged at the Stadttheatre in Rudolstadt in November 2014. See more here - LINK


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