Leonardo & the Superhero

Leonardo & Superhelten


Original text written for Zangenberg's Teater with Rasmus Iversen.

Opened at Zangenberg’s Teater, February 2001.

Plenty of stage fights and action.

2 actors (2M). 3 roles.

From 7 years.


A bomb that will explode in less than 45 minutes, a superhero without his powers, and a wimp of a boy. These are the main ingredients.

The play is a frantic race against time through sewers and abandoned factories to find and disarm the bomb before the countdown reaches zero!

A performance full of action and stage fights, which makes the audience jump out of their seats in the final seconds before the bomb goes BOOOOOM!

Photos are from the Zangenberg Theater production in 2001.

The players are: Strongman: Henrik Zangenberg, Leonardo/Evil Genius: Lars Ottesen.

Director: Thomas Howalt. Set designer/costumes: Rasmus Iversen.

Photos: Susanne Mertz


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