Captain Bimse in Saltimbocca

Captain Bimse in Saltimbocca


ANNA: One plus one plus one plus one doesn't equal four plus a cap! Four times one is four. You are not very good at math, Johnson. Do you agree, Captain?

CAPTAIN BIMSE: Well, if you have four buttons and multiply with a cap, then you have more than enough!


CAPTAIN BIMSE: Have a nice trip, Mr. Johnson. I hope you won't get eaten!

ANNA: Don't mind him, Mr. Johnson. Nobody will eat a teddybear!

MR. JOHNSON: Very well, because I'm not hungry at all.


GOGGELET: I don't laugh! It is against my nature!  And now be quiet, all of you! I can  be very quiet and reticent, when the mood takes me! And then I can be mute as a fish and two ties. That'll teach you!

These pictures are from the 2014 production of Captain Bimse in Saltimbocca at Louise Schouw Theater.

The actors are: Anja Owe: Anna, Pierre Miehe-Renard: Goggeletten & Mr. Johnson; and Tom Jacobsen: Captain Bimse.

Direction: Thomas Howalt; Set design & costumes: Kirsten Victoria Lind; Music: Lars Fjeldmose.

Pictures by Mike Reuter.


Adaptation of Bjarne Reuter’s children’s book ”Kaptajn Bimse i Saltimbocca”.

Opens 1st March 2014 at Louise Schouw Theater.

DK tour in 2014 and 2015. Contains songs and music.

3 actors (1F/2M).

From 4 years + family.

50 minutes.

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Børneteateravisen ("The Children Theater's Paper) wrote: "The musicality of the actors, the supernice songs and the razersharp timing makes the witty story about Saltimbocca fly!" See the review here (in Danish). 


Anna and her friends, Captain Bimse and Mr. Johnson, must go to Saltimbocca to rescue Goggelet, who has disappeared.

However, Saltimbocca’s jungle is a wild and messy place with huge black pots that bubble and simmer, with bones, toothpicks and skinned tomatoes.

An incredibly dangerous guy, Ossobucco, lives here.

They are not allowed to laugh or speak his name – they cannot even whisper it, as if they do so, they will find their names on the menu!


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