The Secret

The Secret


Original text.

Opened March 2010 at Fairplay Theater. 

The  play have been staged several times in Denmark, Germany, and Russia.

The play was nominated for the Reumert award for best manuscript 2010.

The play was adapted (by Thomas) into a film and a mini TV series, which has won multiple international prizes.

4 actors (2F/2M).

From 12 years.

80 minutes.


One Saturday morning during a heavy snow storm three children (11, 14 and 16 years old) find their mother lying dead in their remote cherry orchard.

To avoid being separated by the authorities they decide to keep the accident secret.

On the surface they maintain the appearance of a normal family, while they hide their grief and sorrow. 

But neighbours, friends and family are putting pressure on them. But even in the hardest moments they find love and friendship, and a new and deeper understanding of who their mother really was.


The play is included in the French antology of modern European drama "Étonnantes  écritures  européennes  pour la jeunesse".  Link.


The play will be staged at the Stadttheatre in Klagenfurt in October 2014. See more here - LINK


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These pictures are from the feature film and TV-series "Hemmeligheden" (= The Secret), written by Thomas Howalt, directed by Morten Køhlert and produced by Morten Kaufmann.

The film have won the following awards:  The Children's Jury in Bruges selected THE SECRET as Best Feature Film at the European Youth Film Festival 2012.  Both The Children's and Youth Film Prize og the Prize of the Children's Jury at Lübeck Film Festival 2013. ECFA Award på Schlingel International Film Festival 2013, and more

The Secret had its first performance at Fairplay Theater in spring 2010. The performance received raving reviews and the play was nominated for a Reumert for best manuscript.

The players are:  Marie Vestergaard Andersen: Rianne, Rosa Sand Michelsen: Donna, Marius Bjerre Hansen: Plet, Basse Dam: Fleinert.

Director: Rob Parr; Set designer: Maria Illum Ciccia

All photos by: David Trood

The Secret was premiered on Landesbühne Sachsen-Anhalt in Lutherstadt-Eisleben in 2012 with glowing reviews.

The players are: Sarah Rebecca Kühl: Rianne, Yvonne Döring: Donna, Marcus Achatz: Plet.

Director: Sonja Wassermann; Set designer: Peer Palmowski; Dramaturg Ann-Kathrin Hanns.

All photos by Peer Palmowski.