Leonardo & the Superhero

Leonardo & Superhelten



Original text written for Zangenberg's Teater with Rasmus Iversen.


Opened at Zangenberg’s Teater, February 2001.


Plenty of stage fights and action.


2 actors (2M). 3 roles.


From 7 years.





A bomb that will explode in less than 45 minutes, a superhero without his powers, and a wimp of a boy. These are the main ingredients.


The play is a frantic race against time through sewers and abandoned factories to find and disarm the bomb before the countdown reaches zero!


A performance full of action and stage fights, which makes the audience jump out of their seats in the final seconds before the bomb goes BOOOOOM!



STRONGMAN™: Leonardo? That's a strange name.


LEONARDO: It's not! There are a lot of people, who are named Leonardo. Once upon a time there was a painter, who was named Leonardo. He is dead now. He lived down the road, and painted our kitchen ceiling. He fell off a ladder. Not in our house, though.





(STRONGMAN™ is tilting so he hangs on one arm and a leg under the beam).


LEONARDO: Strongman™! What are you doing there?


STRONGMAN™: Eh. I am just checking the bomb from below...


LEONARDO: Ok, that's cool.




LEONARDO: 'Strongman!' Wow! That's a cool name! What do you do, when you are not chasing bad guys, I mean?


STRONGMAN™: A superhero is always on duty!


LEONARDO: What? What about your friends and family?


STRONGMAN™: Superheroes don't have time for friends and family.


These photos are from the Zangenberg Theater production in 2001.


The players are: Strongman: Henrik Zangenberg, Leonardo/Evil Genius: Lars Ottesen.


Director: Thomas Howalt. Set designer/costumes: Rasmus Iversen.



Photos: Susanne Mertz



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